Glass and multi-materials encapsulation

FEMTOprint have developed unique laser welding capabilities that can serve the development and fabrication of innovative and disruptive healthcare products.

Laser Welding

Medical implants
Electronic packaging
Neuromodulation devices
Ophthalmic devices
Pressure sensors

Medical Technologies

Solid experience in laser encapsulation’s processes in several application domains.
Monolithic integration of optical, photonic, mechanical and fluidic functionalities in glass packaging.
Proven hermeticity for liquids and gases.
Glass-to-glass / glass-to-silicon sealing process at room temperature. This helps to preserve the functionalities of encapsulated electronics and micro-electronics devices.
Adhesive-free, biocompatible, working even at sub-mm size encapsulation.

FEMTOprint offers a full range of Contract Development, Rapid Prototyping and Contract Manufacturing services to meet your products demand.


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