Time Hands

Whether it’s about indicating seconds, minutes or hours, creativity has never been so free to push its boundaries to previously unthinkable and audacious limits.

The new degrees of freedom have been enabled by true 3D manufacturing, mechanical outperformances and aesthetical solutions considered unimaginable so far enable the innovation of established paradigms.

With the FEMTOprint technology, you can take advantage of:

  • Sophisticated, three-dimensional hands combining high quality surface finish with micron accuracy
  • Fully customizable surface rendering combining optically clear, translucent or matte surfaces.
  • Tailored edges, either sharp or with a rounded / tilted chamfrain for an optimized integration with the watch movements.
  • Unlimited creativity unleashed by the possibility of adding decorative effects at the surface or in the bulk based on encapsulated liquids, luminescent pigments or optical patterns.


Unleash Innovation and Aesthetics Beyond Imagination

Swiss Made, thus supporting our clients with 100% Swiss-based manufacturing, from prototyping to volume production.
10+ years of engineering expertise in helping watchmakers to unveil true innovative timepieces.
High-quality and high-precision components for the most demanding applications.
Vertically integrated solutions providing unique glass 3D components, functionalized and ready to be integrated into finished products.
ISO 9001:2015 and RoHS compliance.

FEMTOprint offers a full range of Contract Development, Rapid Prototyping and Contract Manufacturing services to meet your products demand.


Enter a world of endless possibilities.

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