We breathe innovation into everything we do!

FEMTOprint is synonymous with innovation, our skilled process engineers are poised to impress.

In the realm of precision and miniaturization, innovation isn't a choice; it's a necessity. Our team lives and breathes innovation. We are constantly pushing boundaries and redefining what's possible in microdevice manufacturing.

Our engineers turns customer ideas and R&D concepts into reliable manufacturing processes. With a multitude of expertise, they're always finding new ways to cut down costs, enhance processes and the equipment we operate to create your glass devices.

Through meticulous documentation, risk analysis, and rigorous testing, we ensure seamless operations. Above all, we give our customers, as standard, smarter solutions and an unparalleled degree of support. Highly competitive products are a good start, but at FEMTOprint we do a lot more.

Join us today in embracing innovation

What we can do

Maskless technology, ensuring fast turnaround cycles in prototyping
3D microfabrication in a monolithic fashion, avoiding costly alignment and assembly steps
3D shape accuracy ≈ 1µm

Enter a world of endless possibilities.


FEMTOprint offers a full range of Contract Development, Rapid Prototyping and Contract Manufacturing services to meet your products demand.

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