FEMTOprint specializes in creating highly precise, reproducible three-dimensional structures on glass which is uniquely well positioned to incorporate microfluidic features required for a multitude of life science applications.

FEMTOprint leverages our expertise to create microfluidic devices by incorporating our core technologies.

3D Microfabrication

Because of our ability to create free-form shapes in glass, there are few design limitations. For instance, we can achieve sloped channels and aspect ratios of greater than 1:500. This is all achieved all while maintaining a process resolution of 1um and tolerances of 2 um.

Low temperature bonding

Many life science applications incorporate surface treatments that are sensitive to temperatures required for traditional bonding processes. At FEMTOprint, we have an optimized laser welding process that creates a hermetic seal at room temperature. This technique also forgoes the use of harsh solvents, as with solvent bonding, that could leave trace amounts of harsh chemicals within the device.

Waveguide writing

Incorporating a waveguide in your device, can greatly improve the signal to noise ratio of your analyte of interest. This can lead to earlier detection of terminal illnesses such as cancer when detecting a needle in a haystack such as a circulating tumor cell.

Surface treatments

To improve the already inherent low autofluorescence of glass, we offer surface treatments that achieve a final surface area roughness of less than 10 nanometers. This helps to improve the compatibility of your cartridge with your optical detection device or instrumentation.

Drilling and dicing

All microfluidic devices require inlet and outlet features through which fluids flow. With FEMTOprint’s highly accurate technology we can create through holes and vias with ease. We can also dice form factors in any shape for the inclusion of poke yoke features for user friendly instrument insertion.

Coating on 3D surfaces

Various applications require the contact angle to be modified for the assay of interest to run correctly. We can achieve this by applying coatings to increase hydrophobicity or hydrophilicity of the glass surface.

Life Sciences


FEMTOprint is the industry leader in ultrafast, 3D laser processing of transparent glass materials.


FEMTOprint offers a full range of Contract Development, Rapid Prototyping and Contract Manufacturing services to meet your products demand.

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