Laser-based glass micro-machining: An innovative manufacturing technique

In the field of micro-optics, laser-based glass micro-machining represents an innovative manufacturing technique that has proven to be successful in the fabrication of arrays of micro-lenses as well as fully free-form micro-optical elements. They can then be used as components or to produce high-quality glass masters to be used in high-volume imprint or injection-moulding manufacturing.

Laser-Based Glass Micro-Machining

Monolithic integration with other optical functionalities such as waveguiding and fibre connectivity.
Fully 3D free-form fabrication.
Micro-optical elements with feature sizes from 10’s um up to 100’s um.
Optical surface quality with average roughness < 10nm.
Micron-precision shape accuracy.
Rapid prototyping, including design for manufacturing.
Production of masters & tools for imprint/injection moulding.

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