FEMTOprint is the industry leader in ultrafast, 3D laser processing of transparent glass materials.

We have more than thirteen years’ experience in developing laser processing for shaping glass as well as precise and industrialized manufacturing platforms to fulfil the needs of volumes production.

The core FEMTOPRINT® micro-manufacturing platform relies on ultrafast, laser
exposure and chemical wet etching to subtractively create three-dimensional glass devices with micrometric resolution. The platform enables to:

  • Manufacture of highly-precise, three-dimensional geometries in a monolithic fashion
  • Laser welding of multi-layer glasses and glass to other materials (e.g. silicon, metals, etc.)
  • Shape optical patterns in the bulk to form highly precise, three-dimensional waveguides
  • Surface treatments (e.g. polishing, matte finishing, etc.)
  • Laser dicing of glass substrates
  • Coatings structured in 3D (e.g. dielectric and metallic)

With our vertical integration strategy, we offer complementary services to get functional and tested glass microsystems. These services include:

  • AR and metallic coatings
  • Surface treatments
  • Assembly
  • Masters for replication methods
  • Cutting and dicing
  • Decorative depositions
  • Liquids and pigments encapsulation
  • Electrical testing
  • Functional metrology and testing

Combining our advanced laser technology platform with standard industrial processes and traceability data, we manufacture ready-to-use products. We do this according to the most stringent quality requirements to achieve the highest possible output.

Advantages of our technology

Maskless technology, ensuring fast turnaround cycles in prototyping
3D microfabrication in a monolithic fashion, avoiding costly alignment and assembly steps
Suitable for a large spectrum of glass families
3D shape accuracy ≈ 1µm
Aspect ratio >> 1:500
Min feature size: 2 µm
Max working area: 200x200mm
Max. / min. substrate thickness: 32 mm / 30 µm
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