Free-form micro-optics & miniaturized optical devices.

The fabrication of optical devices with typical dimensions in the order of 10’s-100s microns (micro-optics) up to a few millimetres (miniaturized optics) still poses technological challenges. These usually grow in the absence of symmetries, when free-form surfaces are required.

The FEMTOPRINT® manufacturing platform offers laser-based, glass 3D micro-fabrication experience that enables the realization of free-form micro-optics and miniaturized optical devices. This is achieved with a few microns or less deviations from the nominal shape, and surface quality characterized by roughness in the nanometre range.

What we offer

Monolithic integration of optical functions
Free-form fabrication at high-precision
From micro- to miniaturized optics
Rapid prototyping, shortening turnaround cycles (in weeks)
No upfront costs for tooling
Production of masters & tools for imprint/injection moulding



FEMTOprint is the industry leader in ultrafast, 3D laser processing of transparent glass materials.


FEMTOprint offers a full range of Contract Development, Rapid Prototyping and Contract Manufacturing services to meet your products demand.

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