Create 3D waveguides within the bulk of the glass.

The FEMTOprint laser-based micro-machining technology can be used to locally increase the refractive index by a factor of 10-2 to 10-3.

It can help to create 3D waveguides within the bulk of the glass, a unique possibility for the design of optical circuits and photonic integrated systems. In particular, it is possible to fabricate single and multimode waveguides at telecom wavelengths (1310nm and 1550nm), as well as tapers, mode converters, fan-in/-out componnts, etc.

Advanced Micro-Machining Technology to Enhance Optical Circuits and Photonic Integrated Systems

Wavelenght range 650-1550nm.
Min mode field diameter 6-8um at 1000nm-1550nm, respectively
Propagation losses <0.2dB/cm.
Min bending radious 20-25mm at 1000nm-1550nm.
Materials: fused silica, borofloat 33, Eagle XG.

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