Designing devices for drug discovery and therapeutic development.

FEMTOprint has a wealth of experience creating devices to support the drug discovery and therapeutic development life cycle. Such examples include

Organ on a Chip

  • The properties of glass lend itself to being a highly biocompatible substrate for the growth of live cell cultures. These include neurons, which are being heavily utilized in pre-clinical toxicology screening of therapeutics. This results in industry cost savings by earlier introduction to human cells and reduction of animal husbandry needs.
  • FEMTOprint can create 3D scaffolds in glass for organoid culture.
  • We can leverage our competencies to include features such as electrodes to measure electrical excitability of individual neuron synapses or valves that only allow the movement of media unidirectionally.

Cell Sorting

  • Most cell sorting techniques utilize a fluorescent tag to sort cells. The low autofluorescence of glass allows for precise detection in a biocompatible environment.
  • The ability to create pillars with high aspect ratios or narrow channels reproducibly allows for the ability to produce cell sorting cartridges that operate on size exclusion principles.

Single Cell Encapsulation

  • Individual cells can be encapsulated in oil in water or water in oil droplets to create individual micro-bioreactors. The ability to modify the contact angle of the channels with hydrophobic or hydrophilic surface coatings enables this technology.

FEMTOprint offers a full range of Contract Development, Rapid Prototyping and Contract Manufacturing services to meet your products demand.


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