Join us at the forefront of inkjet technology innovation!

29-31 January, Fribourg 

HEIA-FR, Boulevard de Pérolles 80

As inkjet tech expands horizons, we're coming together to shape its future. From R&D specialists to industry pioneers and academic researchers, this conference aims to drive innovation and sustainability in inkjet applications.

Don't miss next week our expert Engineer Davide Farina talk about “Ultrafast, 3D laser micro-manufacturing of novel glass-based Microfluidics”

Our breakthrough technology uses ultrafast lasers and chemical etching to craft precise 3D patterns in transparent glass materials.
This innovation unlocks a realm of possibilities in microfluidics, offering micrometric precision in creating 3D geometries and achieving optical transparency on any surface. What's more?
We laser weld microdevices hermetically without any adhesives!

Download and read the abstract.
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